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Whipping Up Tech Brilliance!

A thought I have been having recently has to do with finding new raw talent in tech. How do you interview somebody who doesn't have a CV or a portfol
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Pop! goes the install

I've been trapped in a Windows hole for a long time now, mainly for the desktop experience. I have been using mainly Debian on servers for a long time
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Code Highlighting In This Blog

I decided to rewrite this entire website, migrating from WordPress to a static site generated in NextJS, partly because I wanted to have something mor
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Steps for a Successful RPA First Implementation

## The Problem The first problem is the process, it takes people too long, and they don't like doing it. That is normally the starting point for why
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My Home Server Journey

When I was young I was always wanting to tinker with stuff. I remember excitedly downloading an Ubuntu ISO, burning it to a CD, and installing it on
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Damn Snappeh, back at it again

This blog once again has a new home with the same old content This time I have hosted it on my own environment, so it should be here for as long as
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I Gone Done a Protest

This Sunday, was the date that a peaceful protest had been organised in Guernsey, against the introduction of some of the taxes that have recently be
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Guernsey VDSL Speeds

I have previously written some fairly scathing reviews on Guernsey Broadband and the providers based here, examples [here](
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Writer's Block

After re-activating this blog for the 3rd or 4th time; I now remember why it goes neglected quite a lot. It's mainly due to the fact that I'm fairly
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