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The Bleeding Edge - Guernsey Style

Something new has come out, something advanced. Normally a mobile phone of some description. There is one feature you can guarantee, which is a compl
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Be A Sheep

I was reading my friend Shane's [blog post]( on Forza Horizon, and h
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Guess Who's Back

Probably for a fleeting visit, like a terrible father.
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Analysing My Forecasts

So I've now been predicting the weather for a week, and well all I can say is, I’m pretty damn good at it. I wrote a script to go back in the databa
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Predicting the Weather

Predicting the weather is a difficult task, often taking years of training. Then hours of studying charts, tides to predict weather we are going to b
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Is The Storm Coming? Plug

Because I have little other content to put up, I'm just leaving a note about another website I run with Jason, [Is The Storm Coming](http://isthestor
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Rock, Paper, BSOD

Well interestingly the NY Times have released [a bot that plays Rock, Paper, Scissors](
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Windows 8, This Soon?

I was reading a blog by Sam Bellis, [here](, asking if we could see Windows 8 materials by June this year, and a post
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Speaking to Nobody

It is wonderful to have the right to speak out, but it is a shame people then have the right not to reply. I was outraged after not being able to bu
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