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Windows 1 Upgraded To 7

Well you know how you always get told, don't do a Windows upgrade installation, and always to install from fresh. This guy took that advice, and the
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Technical Writing Fail - Guernsey Press

I know that Jason was going to cover this on his blog over at [](, but he hasn’t. And this was posted on the
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iPhone 3GS Rebooting During Call

Today, one of the most senior people at work came to me with their iPhone 3gs which they claimed would reboot approximately 5-10 minutes into a call.
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Distance != Quality

After noticing some traffic to my previous post came from some google searches, I decided to search for these terms which brought me to the "I Like F
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Sorry State of Guernsey Broadband

Well after reading my good friend Jason (deedoubleyou)'s blog post on the recent upgrade of Guernsey broadband [here](
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An Old Post

As I mentioned in the first post of this install, this blog has been installed and reinstalled lots of times. However, one page that always keeps co
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Kinect Causes RROD

According to the BBC "[Online gaming forums have also been buzzing with accounts of consoles showing the Red Ring of Death shortly after plugging in
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Snappeh Blog Begins…Again

Well this is the 3rd WordPress installation at this URL. Hopefully ill be able to go to the hard drive of azaroth (my old server) and be able to pul
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Snow, in Guernsey

Well, it's the 1st of December, and we have had small amount of snow in Guernsey. Enough for me to not want to drive to work, call me wet, but this i
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