Be A Sheep



I was reading my friend Shane's blog post on Forza Horizon, and how for him, it has ruined gaming for him, and it got me thinking about in general how we choose technology.

Technology is a fickle thing, let alone new technology. It is one of those fields that whatever you choose; television, mobile phone, games console, anything with a plug for that matter, it will be out-dated within several months, maybe even weeks of purchase. Well before the physical life span of the device expires and for that reason I have come up with the perfect solution to choosing something that will give you the maximum length of time to enjoy it.

It's not based on features, or pricing or anything technical. The only advice I can give is purchase what your friends have. With the social nature that everything is taking these days it is honestly the best approach.

People will accuse you of being a sheep, of lacking the lustre to make your own decision and be your own person. But let's be honest, everything is more fun in a group.

If your friends have iPhones, buy an iPhone, you'll have the best time and the best variety of features available to you. As let's be honest, manufacturers don't like to play nicely cross-platform.

If your friends have Xbox Ones, but an Xbox One. Otherwise, you'll end up with technologically more superior console and nobody to play it with.

This is a motto I've lived by for some time and one that has served me reasonably well, or even if the product is awful, at least you have sympathetic ears to moan to if your friends is broken too.