I Gone Done a Protest



This Sunday, was the date that a peaceful protest had been organised in Guernsey, against the introduction of some of the taxes that have recently been passed through our States government. It was titled 'Enough Is Enough' and was supposed to be middle earners expressing displeasure at the majority of newly formed taxes affecting them, when they are already operating on stretched budgets.

It was reasonably well attended, below are some photos:

Enough is Enough (1)There was a fine collection of banners, and a make shift stage. There was a reasonably interesting Q&A, and some speeches from deputies.

Enough Is Enough (2)

It may not have changed anybodies mind, and it may ultimately have no effect at all, but at least it showed that a number of Guernsey residents are not happy with the status quo and the direction that it may appear things are going.

At least if you attended then your moans about the way things are done are justified, otherwise you never tried to make a difference.

Below is a link to local new coverage of the event, there is a particularly well written summary of the events in the comments section, by a writer called "Watcher".