Guernsey VDSL Speeds



I have previously written some fairly scathing reviews on Guernsey Broadband and the providers based here, examples here, and here. However, when I moved house 8 months ago, I ended up pretty darn close to an MSAN box, and therefore decided to try their VDSL service.

This promises speeds of up to 40mb download, and 5mb upload. I must say I'm pretty happy with it.

Below is a graph of my speed test results from These are performed over a pretty varied timeline, some with other use and some without. Most were wirelessly tested from my tablet or phone. But they show that the VDSL Service delivers pretty darn close the advertised speeds most of the time and certainly faster than a regular ADSL service.

My download speed isn't quite as fast as some people's on the same service, and certainly isn't too consistent, although this could be due to the variations in my testing, but I do have the ability to play online games, whilst my other half streams content from the internet. So that is good enough for my practical uses. Also, when FTPing large files down, I get a fairly solid 25-30 megabytes a second writing speed. Which I'm happy with.

VDSL Speed Graph

I have read rumours that there are currently some tests going on for Fibre to the home in Guernsey. So I would be excited about that and look forward to when it is offered, and more importantly at what price.